4 Ways Maximize Your Time In Between Jobs

Posted March 22, 2018

If you're currently in-between jobs, it can be difficult to allocate your time properly. You may want to apply for jobs at a rapid-fire pace, or you might be willing to take a bit of time off to breath. But how will you know when you'll land your next gig? Whether you were laid-off or you quit, it can be a challenge to organize your schedule in your off time.

We've put together a list of 4 ways for you to make the most of your down time. Read on to find the top tips for maximizing that time on your journey in finding your next best job!

1. Stay Active

While your computer and the couch may be calling, it's best to remind yourself to get out of the house and remain active during your time off. Set reminders to go on walks, do a little bit of job searching at a local coffee shop, or try out a new exercise class to relieve stress. By staying active, you'll keep your mind sharp and fresh for that first interview that pops up.

2. Budget

Since you most likely won't have any earnings coming in, it's very important to set a budget for yourself in-between jobs. Money can be a stress-inducing factor even with a job, and it can become even more stressful if you're in-between jobs. Set a budget for yourself so you are aware of what you have, what you can spend, and how quickly you need to find a new job.

3. Set a Schedule

If you're tempted to sleep until noon, think again! Refrain from getting sidetracked and ensure you stick to a schedule. Set aside certain hours for job searching, staying active, and socializing. Remember - you're not on vacation. Keeping with a normalized schedule will help you stay productive and organized. Wake up each morning and review your weekly or daily to-do list, and set your goals and stick to them.

4. Be Social, and Network!

It's just as important to be social as it is to be active. Anticipating fun events with friends or family will keep you happy and eager to get out of the house. Meet friends for coffee, grab a quick cocktail during happy hour, or plan a fun hike on the weekends.

You should also take this time to network. Look up local networking events in your area or strike up a conversation with someone at the local coffee shop. You never know how you'll find your next gig!

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