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Sales Associate

What do you like about working at American TV & Appliance?

"good employee purchase program"

What don't you like about working at American TV & Appliance?

"Long 12 hour shifts"

Sales Associate
in Belleville, IL

"Don't waste more than two years working there!"

What do you like about working at American TV & Appliance?

"We had a little bit of freedom to make deals & decide what's best for our customers. I'd say most of the time my coworkers were relatively easy to get along with. We had great incentive plans for sales reps and many contest with great prizes."

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

"Don't take anything they say seriously. You have to deal with the politics when working with this company and they a always looking for a fall guy because when thing don't go as planned. Working for this company is just a job never a career. If you're working for them make sure you're planning your next move."

What don't you like about working at American TV & Appliance?

"50hr work weeks & 70hr work weeks during the holiday season. Non paid training sessions before work and during your off days. This company tells you to do things exactly the way they say & when it doesn't work they blame you. In the 3 years I was there they fired and demoted all 5 management positions two times over. It was safer to stay a sales rep then to be promoted to manager of a section. Typically if you were promoted you were either fired or quit in 6-9 months. As sales reps you were faulted for things way beyond your control. They had silly sales formats that they enforced which were not reasonable & angered customers. It is one of those places where a costumer has to talk to 5 sales associates before you've had a chance to browse. They have a price guarantee but it only guaranteed by their employee's pay checks. They take money from you by taking it out the products profit & then they count it as if you made up the discount so it goes on you record and comes out you pay a second time. At the end of the quarter you get in trouble if the discount which you literally have no control over. Eventually all the incentive programs were taken away just before Christmas so you couldn't have a happy one or find another job. When I visit my old work place today anyone still there counts down the days until they can find a better job. Usually you don't have a lot of business so they want you to ring your customers dry."

What suggestions do you have for management?

"I'd first suggest that they show their employees a little more respect. Inspire instead of instilling fear to motivate your workers. Ur employees will soon figure out if they're being screwed so no matter what you say if my money doesn't end up in my pocket we're being ripped off. If you only get so much traffic in your store then there is only so much money that can be made. The initial point of sale starts with the company's advertising. If you can't draw enough traffic for the majority of your sales reps to all have a good week at the same time then maybe you're doing something wrong."

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