The Ultimate Entourage for Your Resume

Posted March 16, 2013

Support your resume with great materialLike any Hollywood superstar, your resume is only as bright as its entourage.  Providing strong backing, credibility and a more present image are the tools for making your resume stand out -- and it all can be accomplished with killer supporting material.

When preparing for your next interview, keep your resume in good company by supporting it with the ultimate entourage.

The Public Relations Manager

Highlighting everything wonderful about your resume is the PR Manager, or in this case, your portfolio.  Not just for creative types, your portfolio can showcase reports you’ve completed, pictures of events you’ve coordinated or social media sights you’ve managed.

Roll with the big leagues and bring in your iPad to act as a unique and visually pleasing portfolio.  Using the latest technologies in an interview will show off the fact that you are creative and current.  Help the PR manager’s cause by conducting some pre-interview research on the company and by being prepared with a pen to take notes (or sign autographs, whatever).

The Ruthless Agent

Skyrocket your resume to the top of the pile with the agent that has the power.  This of course comes in the form of the calculated interview move: the position plan.  You know some things are inevitable in an interview, you will be asked about your skills and how you plan to apply them to the company.  Spearhead this conversation by typing out a position plan for the job to which you are applying.

For example, if you’re up for a marketing position you should detail social media tactics that their sites are not currently practicing, but that you want to implement.  Up for a customer service job?  Detail how you will increase customer satisfaction based off of current Yelp reviews and discussions of the company on online forums.  Regardless of the job, take the time to detail what you can bring to the table and then in the interview, formally present your flushed out, bulleted ideas.

The Hype Man

The hype man is irreplaceable; it is where all of the credibility lies.  To a solid resume, the ultimate hype man takes form in letters of recommendation.  If you need to add an updated letter of recommendation to your repertoire, asking can be the hardest part.

Remember to only ask people that support your goals and have an insight into your work ethic.  When asking for letters of recommendation give as much time as possible.  A lot of employers hold a higher standard to letters that you have waived the right to read.  If you want to take this approach include in your request a pre-paid envelope or use a site like Interfolio to send secure letters directly to your potential employer’s email.

The Glamour Team

Presenting your collective powerhouse in a pretty package is crucial for first and lasting impressions.  A copy of your resume, printed examples from your portfolio and references do not have to be tucked into an expensive leather case, a classic black or navy folder is always in style.

The bonus to this approach is that you can leave it behind for the hiring manager to re-reference and consult with other higher-ups.  In the case that they decline your offer to leave your paperwork, have a business card handy instead.  Showcasing your versatility and preparedness is key.

About the author: Kelly Gregorio writes about topics that affect small businesses and entrepreneurs while working at Advantage Capital Funds, a provider of small business loans. Check out her blog.

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