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Posted May 01, 2015

Hourly Workers

If you're an hourly worker, life may at times seem tougher for you than it is for your salaried co-workers. You may have a lower level of job security, no health or retirement plan, and be at the mercy to a constantly changing shift patterns, or even face hour cuts during slow seasons.

However, the times are slowly changing for the better. Companies are starting to recognize the challenges that hourly workers face, and are beginning to relax the rules that separate salaried employees from hourly contractors.

Some companies treat hourly workers better than others, and CareerBliss set out to uncover and share with you the very best companies to work for if you're an hourly/ non-exempt worker.

Top Industries for Hourly Workers

We were inspired to hear that Working Mother, a national magazine for career-committed mothers, publishes a yearly survey, "the Best Companies for Hourly Workers."

Working Mother surveyed companies and firms whose workforce is made up of a minimum of fifty percent hourly employees; companies who employ a total of 640,000 people in 7200 work-sites.

They questioned each company on how they treat their hourly workers, discussing whether (or not) they utilized flexible work arrangement systems, whether they had training/ education programs, and so on.

The survey included in-depth questions in the following areas:

  •  Company Culture and Work Life Programs
  •  Workforce Profile
  •  Benefits
  •  Training, Development and Advancement
  •  Work and Flexibility
  •  Paid Time Off and Leave

The main industries surveyed were those which most commonly use hourly employees as the main core of their workforce, such as: Automotive, Financial Services, Food and Beverage Production, Hospitals/Health Care, Hotels/Lodging, Media, Internet and Advertising, and Retail.

Says Working Mother, in their executive summary: "The purpose of the Best Companies for Hourly Workers initiative is to recognize American corporations that create and use best practices to support their non-exempt employees. Treating employees right is not only the right thing to do, it’s also good for business."

Hourly Workers Speak

To delve deeper into what employees really think of these companies, CareerBliss analysed our own reviews written about the top 5 best-rated companies for hourly workers. These reviews were uploaded by employees to from 2010-2015. We wanted to get the full picture on whether these companies are truly committed to creating long-term job happiness for their hourly workers.

Here is the truth on how the best companies treat their hourly workers - straight from their own mouths:

Best Buy

#1: Best Buy

Key Facts:

  • Employees: 215,977*
  • Percentage of employees who are hourly workers: 94%
  • Work hours required for family health insurance: 32
  • Paid time off offered to employees? Yes

CareerBliss Loves: Best Buy offers a whole package of coaching and training programs, including employee and leadership development programs and job-related training workshops to help their hourly workers get ahead in a competitive workspace. These benefits are open to any worker who works at least 32 hours per week.

Coolest Perk: Best Buy runs an innovative program called 'Gift Of Time.' Under the protective umbrella of this program, any hourly employee facing dire health issues or a traumatic situation like a natural disaster can take up to four fully paid weeks off work. All employees are eligible to both run for and donate hours to this program.

Best Buy Hourly Workers Told CareerBliss:

"I've worked for Best Buy for 10+ years and always have a great time working for them. Working with them will give you a strong resume, relevant development and training, decent pay for retail, great discounts, opportunity of bonus, flexible hours, decent benefits, tuition compensation, and dedicated and loyal leadership."- Customer Service Representative.

"Sales training is probably the best of any retail company in comparison to its competitors. Good company to work for. " - Home Theater Specialist.

"I have been working with Best Buy for 7 months now and I have had a great working experience. I have received great coaching from my managers and supervisors to help me become a better leader. " - Consultant.

Browse current job openings at Best Buy

Bon Secours

#2: Bon Secours

Key Facts:

  • Employees: 13,551.*
  • Percentage of employees who are hourly workers: 83%.
  • Work hours required for family health insurance: 16.
  • Paid time off offered to employees? Yes.

CareerBliss Loves: Says former hourly employee Leslie Smith, who is now a hospice director: “I owe everything to Bon Secours.” Smith used $32,000 in forgivable loans/ tuition assistance from Bon Secours to get her bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Hourly workers also enjoy a 22-week School at Work program, which provides training in healthcare careers.

Coolest Perk: Tuition assistance from the company to further worker's education. Over 82% of those who were granted this perk were hourly employees.

Bon Secours Hourly Workers Told CareerBliss:

"I had a wonderful experience with Bon Secours. There's always room to grow and the technology increases in this field are great." - Anonymous Employee.

"I enjoyed the flexibility of the work environment to prove yourself and develop professionally." - Support Supervisor.

"They care about their employees. It's been a great place to work." - Office Director.

Browse current job openings at Bon Secours.

Capital One Financial

#3: Capital One Financial

Key Facts:

  • Employees: 31,662.*
  • Percentage of employees who are hourly workers: 53%.
  • Work hours required for family health insurance: 20.
  • Paid time off offered to employees? Yes.

CareerBliss Loves: Capital One allows hourly employees to switch up their hours, work from home, share jobs, and put in requests for different shifts. Advancement is taken very seriously, and to honor that, Capitol One offers nearly 5,000 different training courses for on-the-job advancement.

Coolest Perk: Employees get to save up to $1500 each year via its commuter benefits plan. New mothers with 1 year of service are offered extra time off, beyond the 12 weeks required by FMLA.

Capital One Financial Hourly Workers Told CareerBliss:

"I loved working there. The work environment at Capital one was ideal because you had the ability to work remotely." - Campaign Manager.

"I worked at Capital One as a contractor and was very impressed with the company. Management is doing a fine job." - Senior Project Manager.

"I like wearing jeans every day, the flexible work schedule, and the pay." - Loan Processor.

Browse current job openings at Capital One Financial.

General Motors

#4: General Motors

Key Facts:

  • Employees: 72,438.*
  • Percentage of employees who are non-exempt workers: 63%.
  • Work hours required for family health insurance: 16.
  • Paid time off offered to employees? Yes.

CareerBliss Loves:  General Motors is the place to be if you're an hourly worker, it seems. Featuring a strong employee assistance program, GM will provide up to $5k in college aid and will help employees out with a referral for both elder and child care. Their headquarters offers on-site gyms, and fitness classes are available at many of its manufacturing plants.

Coolest Perk: Full time hourly workers are eligible for 26 days of paid days off.

General Motors Hourly Workers Told CareerBliss:

"GM gives you all you need to have a great time while you're interning. They provides workshops, tours, ambassador cars program. They provide housing so you don't have to worry about paying." - IT Intern.

"I was there as a contractor, but was treated somewhat better than how most companies treat their contractors." - Front End Developer.

"Great place to work. Overall, GM is a nice place for a Technology Architect to solve real world problems and be appreciated." - Senior Application Architect.

Browse current job openings at General Motors.

Hilton Worldwide

#5: Hilton Worldwide

Key Facts:

  • Employees: 56,326.*
  • Percentage of employees who are non-exempt workers: 85%.
  • Work hours required for family health insurance: 30.
  • Paid time off offered to employees? Yes.

CareerBliss Loves: Reservations Agents are allowed to work from home. However, they are still allowed to participate in career advancement programs which allow them to conduct managerial business by hiring new people and managing teams. All employees are permitted access to leadership mentoring, which helps them rise in the ranks or move into new areas such as human resources.

Coolest Perk: Hilton Worldwide boasts an internal university, featuring five colleges with over 2,500 courses. The university focuses on teaching employees - both salaried and hourly - focusing on the art of hotel management, commercial development, leadership programs and more.

Hilton Worldwide Hourly Workers Say:

"The people have created an environment where everyone helps everyone. Great company to work for. Request training... they will assist you when you reach out to them." - Construction Consultant.

"Good management and strong encouragement on new initiatives. Very well paid, I'm glad to be part of this company." - Project Manager.

"It was an overall friendly atmosphere. A job you looked forward to going to in the morning. It was fast paced and I was always learning new things and gaining experience in the field." - Catering Sales Manager.

Browse current job openings at Hilton Worldwide.

* Employee numbers based on a 2013 survey.

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