Top 10 Personal Branding Experts to Follow on Twitter

Posted January 22, 2013

The digital age has transformed the traditional job applicant. Gone are the days of a simple resume. Now, if an employer is seriously interested in you — mark our words — you will be Googled.

Web 2.0 makes it so easy for you to be as creative and expressive as you want in creating your personal brand. But we aren’t all natural experts in selling our professional selves. So, when it comes to marketing yourself and managing your personal brand online, follow these experts on Twitter for great advice and perspective:


Dan Schawbel is the founder of Millennial Branding. He’s a great person to follow because he has a column in Forbes specifically on personal branding, where he writes profiles on celebrities and established professionals.


This is a Twitter feed all about how to market yourself. You’ll find Tweets with links to articles like “Crafting the Perfect Twitter Bio” and “Best Practices for Modern SEO.”


Brian Solis is a social media mogul. He’s an acclaimed author and principal at Altman Group. He’s all about helping companies in building their brands through social media—but most of these tactics can be applied to job seekers and professionals too.


This is a Twitter certified account, which exclusively Tweets tactics to help you control what comes up about you in search results. It’s college-centric, so this is a great account for recent or soon-to-be recent grads.


Founder of PurSue Inc., Susan Fignar is a great personal branding strategist. She Tweets and shares great content, like “LinkedIn Cheat Sheet: 5 Tips for a Professional Profile.


Job seekers, Meg Guiseppi is a must-follow! She’s a C-level executive resume writer, personal branding and job search strategist with more than 20 years of experience. She’s always sharing great advice on Twitter, like “How to Stand Out from the Crowd.”


Lethia Owens is an expert on both personal branding and social media. If you prefer visual multimedia, then she’s your gal. For instance, she recently Tweeted her latest video: “Personal Branding Tips: Today’s Magnetic Moment.”


The Rynge Group is led by Ola Rynge, a personal branding coach who has mastered the art of marketing and social media for business development. He’s very active on Twitter. His latest Tweet is “Countdown to a New Career: 5 Rebranding Tips.”


William Arruda founded Reach -- “where branding gets personal.” Arruda is very insightful and offers interesting perspectives on personal branding. He recently shared: “Dr. Emery Kaze explains how physicians can use personal branding to demonstrate their expertise.”


Lindsey Pollak is a great personal branding expert. As the spokesperson of the largest professional social network to date, Pollak shares valuable ways we can make the most of LinkedIn and bolster our professional profile.

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