New Grads: How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Posted May 23, 2013

How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

There’s nothing like a perfect follow-up to seal the deal after a great job interview. Your job interviewer (let’s call her Pam) is going through dozens of viable applicants. It’s up to you to do something to stand out. Your follow-up is a great way to do so.

One thing’s for sure, Pam is sure to snooze if she sees yet another “thanks for the interview looking forward to hearing back from you” in her email inbox. We encourage you to be different. Follow these steps to craft the perfect follow-up after your job interview:

1.  Ask for a Business Card

This is important not just to get her official contact info but also to spell her full name correctly. Misspelling Pam’s full name and title is going to cost you some major points. Play it safe and ask for a business card at the end of your interview – at the very least, write down her full name.

2. Ask How to Follow Up

Heather Huhman, founder and president of Come Recommended, says that one of the most important things you can do during your interview is state your intentions of following up afterward.

Jodi R. R. Smith of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting would agree and suggests you ask Pam how she’d like to be contacted. May I follow up with you?  Do you prefer email or by phone? would be perfectly acceptable, she says.

2. Send a Short ‘Thank You’ Email The Next Morning

“We see thank you emails come in the same day of the interview, which is nice, however, we still remember you at that point,” says Alyssa Mattero, senior manager of digital marketing at Perfect Search Media. “It’s best to send the thank you note a day or two after the interview so the employer is reminded of you and your interview,” she says.

3. Be Concise & Unique

And a great follow-up will accomplish a few things:

  • Show your appreciation
  • Remind your employer of your strengths
  • Reiterate your enthusiasm for the job

“Recruiters want to hire people who can solve real needs more than people with potential – If you didn't say something like this in the interview, now is your chance to correct that,” says Alfred Poor, Ph.D. and author of 7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know.

4. Stand Out Using Hand-Made Cards or Video Message

Hand-written thank-you notes are a fantastic way to stand out – it shows her you’re more than just one of the candidates in her never-ending stream of emails. It’s a great way to supplement your thank-you email (No. 2).

Supplement your initial thank you email by sending this a few days after your interview.

“It shows professionalism and a desire to build a relationship- both very important in business,” says Aaron McDaniel, author of The Young Professional’s Guide to the Working World.

Another interesting, bold way to stand out is to send a quick Vsnap, suggests Taylor Aldredge from Grasshopper. Vsnap is a 60 second video that you can send right into Pam’s email inbox. “I love them because they make you stand out from the normal email thank-you” he says.

5. Don’t Stalk

After you’ve submitted the “thank you” email, note or video – it’s time to leave her alone, let her make her decision and practice the art of patience. Connecting on LinkedIn is okay, but don’t keep harassing her on social media, email or in-person (creepy!).

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