Resume Tip Tuesday: Be Unexpectedly Generous in Your Cover Letter

Posted July 30, 2013

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resume tip tuesday

Alexandra Franzen, communication specialist and writer, recently wrote a fantastic post on the Daily Muse about how to write an email that truly impresses.

I would be remiss not to pass on her advice to you, CareerBliss readers!

Give Employers a Meaty Bite

At the start of her career, one employer rejected Franzen because she didn’t have enough experience and samples. In response, she went above and beyond and sent over some “ready-to-use language for their soon-to-be relaunched website, as if I was already part of the team,” she writes in the Daily Muse blog.

In her follow-up email, she sent over a quick, snappy intro line: “Here are 10 tagline options to consider as you revamp your brand. No charge. Enjoy!”

Brilliant! Her samples were perfect and she got the job!

Offer a Concrete, Tailored Idea in Your Cover Letter

We can all take a lesson from Franze’s success.

While Franzen did this in her follow-up email, you can also apply this idea to your cover letters to make sure you’re in the running.

Most job seekers talk in vague terms about their skills in their cover letters: e.g. “I would bring strong communication skills to your team.”

Instead, use your cover letter as an opportunity to tell them one solution to a problem they need to solve. Tell them a sliver of an idea they would love. Heck, if it applies to your job, give them a sample just like Franzen did in her follow-up!

Make Sure You Aren’t Giving Away Too Much for Free

Generously giving your potential employer a slice work or idea is a fantastic way to prove that you’re the best hire—but make sure you aren’t doing too much free labor.

Like Franzen, offer just a tiny tidbit of work to give them a good idea of your work.

Keep ‘em wanting more!

Bottom line is, hiring managers want to know what you can do for them. Tell them early on by being generous with your work in your cover letter!

Tune in next Tuesday for another awesome resume (or cover letter) tip!

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