Ready to Quit Your Job? Don't Do It Like This!

Posted March 13, 2013

Thinking of quitting your job? We hope you’ll resist the urge to tell off your boss, laze through your last two weeks or just go AWOL.

Come on, you’ve come this far – just give your notice, stay positive and keep it classy. You never know how a bad exit will come back to bite you.

[Moving On? 5 things NOT to do When You Quit]

But who can resist a good story about quitting a job badly?

(a flight attendant, some expletives, a couple beers and an inflatable slide come to mind!)

Check out these ones:

Quitting on the Fly

One source, who wished to remain anonymous, was a corporate pilot.

During a particular trip, the company wanted to reroute the plane. The captain of the plane declined.

“They said that we had to do as they wanted,” our source says. “[The captain] said, ‘I quit,’ and got up, went into the back [of the plane] and changed clothes."

“I landed the plane by myself,” our source recalls.

Breakdown over Beer

Each day, the crew over at enjoys a noontime suds siesta before heading back to the office to knock out the rest of the workday.

“Don’t judge us – it works,” says Jennifer Davidson, director of operations and Beer Diva. “Well, it mostly works. From time to time, we get a little too close -- drink one too many -- and chaos ensues.”

And that’s what happened with one employee (we’ll withhold his name)  who had worked SaveOnBrew for a few months. Turns out, this employee was holding a grudge against … everyone.

“[He was] actually keeping a list of everything he didn’t like about every person,” Davidson says.

“On this particular day, he called a meeting -- we almost never have meetings -- ostensibly about ‘problems with the website.’

“After we all assembled [he] unceremoniously informed us we were ‘the most useless, pathetic group of human beings ever assembled.’ ”

Then he went through the list of transgressions he’d compiled – with complaints ranging from the onion-esque body odor of one employee to the proclivity for mac ‘n cheese and video games of another.

“He actually got off a few more before we hustled him out.”

We Heard it Through LinkedIn

“At one company I recruited for, we had a sales rep who we didn't hear from for a couple of weeks,” recalls career coach Megan Fox. “He didn't show up to meetings or respond to communications.”

Later, though,  “he updated his LinkedIn profile showing that he was working somewhere else!”

 Review Resignation

Tracy’s first job in PR had her working for a boss who had a bad temper. A temper, she says, “that would rival Ricky Ricardo.”

After several months of suffering at work, Tracy found a new job.

“Coincidentally, my 6-month review was the day after I learned that I had secured another position,” she recalls. “I decided to wait until the review to resign.”

And so Tracy sat through the review, waiting for the perfect time to share her news.

“[He] went through my strengths and weakness, the whole nine yards,” she recalls.  “Finally, he asked, ‘Where do you see yourself with this company?’  My answer: ‘I don't – I quit.’ ”

“It may not have been the best way to quit,” Tracy concedes, “but at least I gave him notice and went quietly.”

And Many More

In May, OfficeTeam asked employers about unusual reasons employees gave for quitting their jobs. Here’s a sample of the responses they got:

  • "A guy said he was making too much money and didn't feel he was worth it."
  • "An employee said work was getting in the way of having fun."
  • "An individual did not like the sound of file cabinets being slammed."
  • "One person quit to watch a soccer tournament."
  • "A person quit because he hated the carpet."
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