Quiz: Are You Unhappy with Your Whole Job, or Just Parts?

Posted November 21, 2012

There will come a time when you get so frustrated with your job that you consider moving on. But are you really unhappy with your  overall job, or just parts of it?

There’s a big difference between the two. If it’s your WHOLE job, then you know it’s time to update your resume and start looking for something better. But if it’s just certain aspects of the job, there’s hope of making some positive changes and sparing you a lengthy, frustrating, stressful job search.

Take this quiz to diagnose the cause of your job dissatisfaction.

Your least favorite part of your job is ...

a) The paycheck

b) Your boss and/or coworkers

c) The projects you get to work on

d) some combination of the above

When you finish a big project at work ...

a) You hope it will finally get you promoted

b) You feel a sense of accomplishment and pride with yourself even if no one else notices

c) You love that your coworkers congratulate you on a job well done

d) some combination of the above

You dislike most parts of your job, except ...

a) Your paycheck, bonus checks, or other compensation

b) The actual work itself -- your projects, clients, responsibilities, etc.

c) Your coworkers, who you consider friends

d) some combination of the above

You’d absolutely love your job, if only ...

a) You earned more money

b) You got to work on better projects, or more interesting issues

c) You could work with a different group of people, or have a different boss

d) some combination of the above

You chose your current profession because...

a) It pays well and/or offers excellent job security

b) You were interested in the type of work it offers and the day-to-day tasks

c) A friend or friends were getting into it

d) some combination of the above

You feel most unhappy at your job when ...

a) You’re passed up for a raise, or your yearly bonus is lower than you expected

b) You don’t have control over the projects you’re assigned

c) You don’t have a good relationship with your boss or coworkers

d) some combination of the above

And the results:

If you answered mostly A: The biggest concern you have with your current job is money-related. Whether you think your salary is too low, or your bonuses are too small, or even that your benefits are less-than, your job dissatisfaction starts here.

If you answered mostly B: You’re most likely unhappy with your job because of the actually work you’re doing. Your salary might be great, you might love your coworkers, but you don’t actually love your day-to-day work.

If you answered mostly C: If you’re unhappy with your job, it’s largely due to your boss and/or coworkers. You are a people-centered professional and it matters to you greatly who you work with and for.

If you answered mostly D: There isn’t much about your current job you like. See if you can narrow any of these choices to specific letter choices (even a combination of 2 letters) so you get a clearer sense of exactly what you don’t like.


The good news, for anyone who answered mostly a, b, or c, is that you’ve narrowed your unhappiness to a specific part or parts of your current job that can be changed. You might try to negotiate your salary, benefits or other compensation. Or ask to take on new projects. Or, you might seek a transfer to a different department.

If none of these changes are an option, or you’ve answered mostly d, it might be the overall job that’s got you down. In that case, it really is time for a change.

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