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Posted December 28, 2012

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Merck & Co., a global pharmaceutical and healthcare giant, scored a spot on the CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies for 2012 thanks to glowing reviews from employees. The honor was a validation of the Merck’s efforts to create a happy workplace, says Denise Sena, president of the Merck Women’s Network.

“Merck really values their employees by offering terrific work life balance arrangements, great benefits, competitive compensation packages and other amenities to keep Merck employees engaged and happy to come to work” she says. “There is a feeling of collaboration to build talent and grow both people and product pipeline.”

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Merck’s history dates back to 1668, when Friedrich Jacob Merck bought a drug store in Germany. Today, the New Jersey headquartered Merck & Co. has more than 80,000 employees and a culture that is driven by innovation and a desire to serve.

Since 1957, The Merck Company Foundation has donated more than $700 million to various causes. And the company has donated enough Mectizan – a drug that treats a disease known as river blindness – to treat millions of people.

CEO Kenneth C. Frazier talks about his team

“Merck’s core strength is the skill, integrity and creativity of its people. Merck employees, while remarkably diverse in background, training and life experiences, are all motivated by innovation and our mission of providing products that save and improve lives around the world. It is my privilege to serve as CEO of a company composed of such talented and dedicated people.”

Merck  Shares More About its Culture

A positive working environment is essential for employees to achieve their potential. It helps attract new employees to Merck and motivates them to stay.

Components of our working environment include numerous opportunities for employee development and professional growth, competitive compensation and benefits, our focus on health and safety and our approach to diversity and inclusion.

To be a leading healthcare company, we must make sure that our workforce operates at the best of its abilities. Recognizing this, we are striving to become a high-performance organization.

Our efforts to build a positive working environment that promotes high performance are based upon these principles:

1. We are a unified company, with all employees sharing in the mission of improving global health

2. We share a strong core of ethics and integrity

3. We put patients and customers first

4. We value diversity and inclusion as essential, integrated elements of our culture and leadership

5. We demonstrate scientific, business and operational excellence

6. We are results driven and highly competitive

7. We are empowered to make decisions and hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes

8. We innovate and take appropriate risks

9. We value feedback and learn from our successes and our mistakes

10. We encourage debate and communicate candidly and respectfully

11. We are efficient, agile and responsive to change

Merck Offers Healthy Benefits

Merck seeks to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our innovative medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, consumer health and animal products. This vision is mirrored in the workplace by promoting a culture of health and wellness among employees, offering a comprehensive suite of services and programs that encourage healthy habits, and supporting the workplace accommodation needs of a diverse employee base.

We offer flexible work arrangements to balance work and family responsibilities for employees who are juggling the demands of childcare, elder care and work life integration. In so doing, Merck is able to strengthen its reputation as an employer of choice, attract and retain top talent and leverage the power of an engaged workforce for transformative business growth.

Some of our key programs are:

LIVE IT: Be Well at Merck is our commitment to making personal wellness an essential part of what it means to be a Merck employee. Every day, each of us has numerous opportunities to make choices, or take steps, that can lead to better health.

Idea Button: Creates an incentive for our employees to share their ideas for simplifying the way we work and how we can reshape our culture to really shine.

It's Personal: Employees are encouraged and able to share their personal experience with their medical conditions by sharing their story in a video.

Business Insight Roundtable: This global virtual community focused on helping to enhance our talent and corporate responsibility efforts and address evolving customer needs around the globe. With the Business Insight Roundtable Merck engages employees from different diversity perspectives and backgrounds leveraging their imagination and creativity to enhance employee engagement and advancing our company's goals.

Who is the Ideal Candidate to Work at Merck?

An employee at Merck is someone who is committed to our important role of impacting and improving human health around the globe. For that reason, we look for employees who embrace that same passion and ideal.

Our principles are areas that we evaluate as we make hiring decisions for all types of employees including production workers, engineers, clinical monitors and research scientists

Merck is passionate and committed to achieving its mission of being the No. 1 trusted and valued health care partner to the diverse people of the world. We seek to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our innovative medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, consumer health and animal products.

This requires best-in-class, top global talent at all levels of our employee population — from entry, to manager, to senior leadership teams--and across our various divisions and business units to drive true innovation and mirror the global marketplace we serve. Talent is a trademark at Merck that enables transformative growth.

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