How to Maximize the New LinkedIn Features

Posted January 16, 2013

The New LinkedIn is here! And mastering the powerful networking site – used by about 93 percent of recruiters, according to Jobvite -- is an easy-to-keep career resolution. It only takes about 15 minutes a day!

New features on the LinkedIn help you provide an even broader picture of your skills and experience. Check them out.

1. Reorganize Your Profile

In the new generation of LinkedIn, you have more control over the story you want tell about your professional self. Hover over the Profile tab at the top when you login and click “edit” to rearrange your profile.  Drag your most impressive segments to the top (e.g. education, skills, publications or experience) using the vertical double-sided arrow icon on the right.

Note: I wouldn’t mess with the summary section—it’s vital. Hiring managers will look for it, so make sure it stays on top. To write an eye-catching summary statement, take LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman’s career strategy advice by filling in the blank: “A company Hires Me Over Other Professionals Because…”

Start your summary by answering this question and you’ll stop hiring employers in their tracks!

2. Choose Your Top 10 Skills Carefully

Your skills are often the keywords recruiters use to find you. Devote a good chunk of time on this one. LinkedIn offers this Skills & Expertise page that’s entirely dedicated to tracking and narrowing the hottest skills that employers are looking for.

Start by searching your most relevant skills listed in the job description you want. You’ll see a robust result of not only related skills, related companies and established professionals who have listed the same skill – but also (and best of all) how the demand for the skill is changing over time. You’ll see the latter trend symbolized with a green or red arrow followed by a percentage.

Their sample of iPhone as a skill, for instance shows that it has a 26 percent of positive growth year over year.

The “See Suggested Skills” is a great tool as well. Based on your job title and experience, LinkedIn will dig up some of the most booming skills most relevant to you.

3. Endorse Away!

While the traditional Recommendations carry more weight, the new Endorsement feature is an awesome way to plump up your profile. Endorsing is just so easy—you’d be a sucker not to advantage of this. While there’s no guarantee that someone you endorse will endorse you back, actively endorsing will increase your chances. Authenticity is the magic ingredient here.

LinkedIn has made sure this is a black hat-free zone! LinkedIn’s photo-heavy new format makes it pretty hard for you to fake endorsements from your friends. Employers can effortlessly look at the credibility of your endorsers just by hovering over their photos.

4. Discover New Professionals Outside of Your Network

In addition to amplifying your profile, you can also gauge a little more information about connections outside of your network. For instance, let’s say your dream job is to work at Microsoft. Simply go to the Microsoft company page (pretty much every company now has their own LinkedIn page, including CareerBliss) and -- voila! -- LinkedIn gives you information on how you’re connected to the company.

Apparently, I only have second-degree connections here. If I want to, I can click on one of these second degree connections and use the Introduction Feature to network with a Microsoft employee.

LinkedIn also offers a more comprehensive analysis of your own network. If you go to your home page feed, you can see the companies at which you have the most connections.

5. Stay on Top of Your Industry Updates

Although you can rearrange key segments of your profile, LinkedIn has built the new profile in a way that ensures your Activity is the most prominent—directly under your headshot and bio. The LinkedIn Today feature is not necessarily new, but it’s more important than ever. It’s an easy way to keep track of what your network is posting (just click “Trending in Your Network” tab on the right).

When you share an article, comment on a story or “like” a connection’s post, it will show up under your Activity section. Keep this up—an active profile is more searchable!

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The CareerBliss Team

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