5 Ways to Negotiate Your Salary

Posted December 13, 2017

Is the thought of negotiating your salary keeping you up at night? Rest easy, you’re not alone. For many employees and job-seekers, salary negotiation is a daunting task. While mustering up the courage to negotiate is no easy feat, it’s an important skill to possess. Every employee deserves the chance to fight for what they’re worth.

We’ve compiled 5 ways for you to bring your A-game to the negotiating table. Keep these tips in mind the next time it’s your turn to negotiate. And remember, you’ve got this!

1. Know the market

The best thing you can be is prepared as you step foot into the negotiation room. One of the key ways to prepare is to know the salary range for professionals with your specific job title. Use resources like our CareerBliss Salary Tool to help you determine what the going rate for an employee with your experience level is in your industry. 

2. Show your value 

Why are you worth the salary you’ll be negotiating for? Do you have special certifications or courses? Can you provide examples of exceptional leadership? By showing what you can bring to the table beyond what is asked for in the job description, you’ll prove your worth.

3. Prepare to answer tough questions

Despite your impressive resume and skills, every salary negotiation will inevitably present a few tough to answer questions. By preparing your responses, you’ll be able to keep your calm and answer appropriately. Arm yourself with all of the info you need prior to walking into the room, including a few questions you’d like to ask yourself.

4. Practice your proposal

Practice makes perfect! Too often, job-seekers walk into the negotiation room without an ounce of practice under their belt, causing them to freeze up under pressure. Spend time rehearsing your pitch so you know exactly what you’re going to say when negotiating. This allows you to remain composed and persuasive.

5. Be confident & gracious

Every good negotiation starts with a confident and well-prepared job-seeker. Ensure that you stand your ground and negotiate for what you believe you’re worth, but remember to do so with grace. Be calm, listen, and engage with respect. And don’t forget to say thank you!

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The CareerBliss Team

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