5 Entry-Level Tech Jobs that Pay Well

Posted January 27, 2012

CareerBliss folder Choosing a tech major is probably one of the smartest decisions you’ve made up until this point.

Tech is not only one of the hottest fields for new grads, demand for tech professionals will only grow. Even in, like, a hundred years when robots will have taken over the rest of our jobs – someone has to keep building and fixing those robots that build and fix other robots, right?

In the meantime, we wanted to see what kind of market value a new IT grad has right now. So, our techy data guy -- we're talking about you, Jimmy --  saved the day (again) and dug up some research from our massive salary database to find some of the highest paid entry-level tech jobs.

Compared to the nation’s overall average income for new grads (roughly $40,000 for the class of 2010, according to National Association of Colleges and Employers), IT degrees really pay off:

1. Software Engineer I

As a software engineer rookie, you’ll be working with a team to design and develop computer software applications. You and your team would be a major stakeholder to any company/organization – channeling your inner coding powers to both analyze what users might need and making it happen.

Average software engineer 1 Salary: $54,876

2. Network Specialist

You’d be the glue that holds an entire network together, figuratively of course. As a network specialist, you’ll learn the ropes of implementing a computer network and shooting down trouble. Some employers might encourage you to earn networking certifications, like Cisco and Microsoft.

Average network specialist salary: $52,616

3. IT Specialist

This one’s very broad -- you could specialize in a variety of tech areas, including data management, customer support, operating systems, security or system analysis. The tech-world is your oyster! Since such specialists are responsible for making sure that all systems are good to go 24-7, you might have to wake up from your Saturday afternoon naps when you’re on call.

Average IT specialist salary: $51,754

4. Junior System Administrator

You’ll lend a hand in maintaining and upgrading the entire computer system for a given company or organization. Often times, the not-so-tech-savvy folks that actually use the intricate computer systems will (aka the end-users) will have pesky questions. You’ll come to the rescue. Oh, and there might be some heavy lifting of system equipment involved so hit the gym once in a while as part of your prep.

Average junior system administrator salary: $46,246

5. Postdoctoral Research Assistant

If you’re a techy who’s also in love with learning — continuing your higher education is not a bad idea, especially if your research is in IT. Assisting PhDs with their research is the first step to becoming a doctor in information technology (has a nice ring to it!). You’ll also be much more marketable later with a higher degree!

Average postdoctoral research assistant salary: $43,613

Tech not your thing? CareerBliss still has you covered with millions of jobs in a sorts of fields.

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