10 Awesome Reasons to Play Hooky from Work

Posted July 06, 2012

Calling all workaholics: It’s time to carpe diem! Why? Because Drake says YOLO (you only live once) and if a Canadian child star turned top-charted rapper proclaims a motto, you live by it.

Plus, you work so hard, day-in and day-out you, slaving away with little to no time to yourself. Taking one measly, well-deserved personal day is important for your mental health.

You deserve it!

If you find yourself in the following awesome, “whoo-hoo!” circumstances — it’s time to call your boss and tell them you’re taking a personal day:

1. When it’s a Perfect 90 Degrees and the Beach is a Short Drive Away

The sand, beach, waves and sun — if you are fortunate enough to be close to life’s natural spa, then get out of your cubicle and take advantage. There are shivering people in Alaska! (Not really).

2. You Watched the First Episode of the Wire and Can’t Stop

There’s a reason why critics say it’s by far the greatest television series ever made (thanks, Wikipedia) —it’s more gripping than Lost! Don’t even start the first episode unless you’re prepared to get sucked into a whirlwind of drug deals, murders, detectives, cops and much, much more.

3. Nordstrom’s is Having their Huge Yearly Sale

It’s the one time of year when you can grab a pair of quality shoes for $30 … what a steal! If you’re going to upgrade your wardrobe, this is the best time for binge shopping. Fashionistas, take a tip from some super savvy savers on the Slickdeals forum: the biggest sale will be in late July — mark your calendars!

4. You Scored a Free Room in Las Vegas

It might be because of the obscene amount of money you lost on your last trip, or you found a dirt-cheap deal on a discount site — either way, a comp’d room in Vegas is a license to getaway. Give yourself a mental vacation by immersing yourself in a place where — day or night — everyone is there for one reason only: to have a good time.

5. You Have Tickets to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando

How can you pass up a chance to turn your Harry Potter dreams into a reality? Grab some butterbeer and roam around the majestic castle. Snack on some chocolate frogs and weird flavored jelly beans while watching a magical Olivanders show. Some say the Forbidden Journey is the most amazing ride of all time!

6. Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song” Happened to Start Playing when You Woke Up

What an eerie coincidence! You and Mars share the same sentiments of the day. And if this happens to be playing when you wake up (*cough* alarm ringtone *cough)—then you owe it to the universe to oblige by this serendipitous occasion. How can anyone feel like working after singing along to this happy-go-lucky song? It’s the perfect soundtrack to your lazy day off!

7. The Baby in your Life Did Something YouTube-Worthy

Maybe your toddler finally learned the Dougie or randomly started shuffling to Levels by Avicii — if it’s anything as cute as “Charlie Bit My Finger,” immediately clear your day so that you can upload ASAP and then share with everyone you know (privately, of course).

8. You Waited 40 Years for the Kings to Take Home the Stanley Cup

You’ve earned it, Kings fans! It’s finally your year, and you’ve waited long enough. Let it sink in. After enduring loss after loss, year after year—all while never rooting for any other hockey team—it’s finally time to celebrate. Your intense, unwavering loyalty deserves a belated day off to honor the LA Kings!

9. It’s your Birthday and You Can Stay Home if You Want To

Birthdays are always a reminder of just how old you’re getting—the last thing you should do is spend it working! Do something that makes you feel young (e.g. test drive a Ferrari, try on some expensive jeans, take a road trip for no reason, etc.).

10. You Found a Groupon for an All-Day Spa Treatment

These deal sites are a gift sent from above! You can treat yourself to a massage and facial for more than 50 percent off! Groupon (and Groupon copycats) make it possible to combine bargain with luxury. Your personal day can’t get more relaxing than this!

Let’s hear it from the CareerBliss Community! We asked: What would you do if you played hooky at work? Here are some awesome responses:

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