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3.7 (173)
Industry: Health and Personal Care Stores - HQ: Deerfield, IL

Walgreens Employee Salaries

3.2 (based on 25 salary ratings)
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Walgreens Employees Average (5,851)
Industry Average (41,259)
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Walgreens Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (14)
Posted this month in Dearborn, MI

"I felt neither. As a Sales Associate, I was getting paid what I deserved."

Posted last month in Astoria, NY

"I believe we should be paid a decent amount so we can be able to afford the basic needs of living and having a place to go to after work."

Pharmacy Technician Salaries (825)
Posted 3 months ago in Roseville, MN

"I think I was paid fairly to what I was asked to do. I don't think anyone can be overpaid, people work hard for their pay rates, not a lot of people even have one. Working with Walgreen's and earning promotion's, a person should deserve what they work hard for."

Posted 4 months ago in Hamilton, OH

"I think I received adequate pay for the job I did. I came in not knowing anything about being a pharmacy technician. They gave me the training that I needed to complete my job proficiently."

Assistant Manager Salaries (1169)
Posted 6 months ago in Hillside, IL

"I feel I was being underpaid. A lot of other managers make more money."

Posted last year in San Jose, CA

Walgreens Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 25 Walgreens Salary Review Ratings)
Beauty Advisor Salaries (150)
Posted 6 months ago in Sacramento, CA

"For a company like Walgreen's I feel the pay I receive is adequate."

Photo Technician Salaries (93)
Posted this month in Brentwood, NY

"The pay is ok, but they don't give overtime anymore."

Average Walgreens Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $36000
2010 $48000
2011 $50000
2012 $52000
2013 $43000
Senior Pharmacy Technician Salaries (87)
Posted 3 months ago in Milwaukee, WI

"Underpaid - the experience from the job pays off in the long run financially if one plans on staying in that position until they are 65."

Posted 2 years ago
Beauty Consultant Salaries (3)
Posted 4 months ago in Brooklyn, NY

"I felt as if we were getting underpaid because for the amount of work we were expected to do and for the amount of hours."

Posted 4 years ago
Selector Salaries (2)
Posted 4 months ago in Houston, TX

"Neither. Is fine pay for the job being done but I'm looking for higher pay. That is why I decided to go back to school and get some type of education. Do not want to live check to check for the rest of my life."

Posted 6 years ago
Computer Systems Analyst Salaries (1)
Posted 3 months ago in Chicago, IL

"Well, money isn't the only reason, now is itAsk anybody; they'd probably be happy with just a little bit more."

Offshore Coordinator Salaries (1)
Posted 6 months ago in Deerfield, IL

"No it looks like its kinda good pay however as the responsibilities increase I guess the compensation also should increase."

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