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Industry: Support Services - HQ: Englewood, CO

TeleTech Salaries

2.5 (based on 14 salary ratings)

TeleTech employees earn $13 per hour on average, or $28,000 annually, which is 67% lower than the national salary average of $56,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at TeleTech is a Executive Director of Market Operations at $131,000 annually while the lowest paying job at TeleTech is a Contractor at $21,500 annually.

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TeleTech Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (11)
Posted last month in Greeley, CO

"I feel like my pay is fair for the position that I am working. I do put in more effort and work into my position than others and we do get bonuses for doing so."

Posted 2 months ago in Englewood, CO

"For what I have taken on including budgeting/forecasting, resource capacity management, building a more effective IT organization, I feel that I am underpaid."

Customer Service Representative Salaries (353)
Posted 8 months ago in Amherst, OH

"We are underpaid. We aren't even insured - company is too cheap for that."

Posted last year in Moundsville, WV
Personnel Supervisor Salaries (1)
Posted 4 months ago in Morgantown, WV

"This is a fine hourly rate for what you're doing, really.Though you have to keep in mind, they are a different company taking calls for a different company. People who work for the main company do get paid more, which can be depressing sometimes."

TeleTech Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 14 TeleTech Salary Review Ratings)
Senior Active Directory Migration Engineer Salaries (1)
Posted 5 months ago in Englewood, CO

"No. Just about right for that position."

Customer Service Agent Salaries (31)
Posted 2 years ago in Springfield, MO
Posted 3 years ago

Average TeleTech Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $32000
2010 $37000
2011 $51000
2012 $28000
2013 $19000
Customer Care Associate Salaries (19)
Posted 3 years ago
Posted 4 years ago
Service Delivery Supervisor Salaries (15)
Posted 4 years ago
Posted 5 years ago
Customer Care Representative Salaries (13)
Posted 4 years ago
Posted 5 years ago
Customer Care Agent Salaries (12)
Posted 5 years ago
Posted 5 years ago
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