4.0 (321)
Industry: Machinery Manufacturing - HQ: New York, NY

Siemens Salaries

3.5 (based on 27 salary ratings)

Siemens employees earn $29 per hour on average, or $61,000 annually, which is 9% higher than the national salary average of $56,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at Siemens is a Director of Sales at $182,500 annually while the lowest paying job at Siemens is a Manufacturing Associate at $25,300 annually.

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Siemens Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (7)
Posted 2 months ago

"I believe it was worth for the fresh start."

Posted 3 months ago in Buffalo Grove, IL

"Very underpaid for responsibilities and demands to say nothing of the experience required to be effective."

Software Engineer Salaries (74)
Posted 2 months ago in Milford, OH

"I am getting paid at $73,000 annually. I feel like being under paid for my ability and experience that I have at my company."

Posted 6 months ago in Austin, TX

"Most of my friends around town with similar experience are making $90-$100k, so I am a bit underpaid."

Senior Software Engineer Salaries (67)
Posted 7 months ago in West Lafayette, IN

"I can never get what I am worth but I am satisfied with what is offered to me."

Posted this month in Ann Arbor, MI

Siemens Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 27 Siemens Salary Review Ratings)
Project Engineer Salaries (28)
Posted 7 months ago in Mississauga, ON

"My salary is middle level compare with the other Siemens engineers' salary."

Business Development Manager Salaries (22)
Posted 2 months ago in Tarrytown, NY

"Grossly underpaid. Other companies pay more."

Posted last year in Irving, TX

Average Siemens Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $67000
2010 $73000
2011 $69000
2012 $63000
2013 $65000
Mechanical Designer Salaries (16)
Posted 9 months ago in Waukesha, WI

"I believe I was paid appropriately and have no complaints."

Posted 2 years ago
Senior Project Manager Salaries (15)
Posted 6 months ago in Richardson, TX

"Good question. But based on what I have done I was paid just right."

Posted 2 years ago
Product Engineer Salaries (11)
Posted 5 months ago

"It is hard to say. Based on the salary survey on APEGS, I got underpaid."

Posted 3 years ago
Senior Field Service Engineer Salaries (7)
Posted 6 months ago in Reston, VA

"The pay at Siemens Government Technology for the work I do is decent, since I do get paid for over time work, per diem, and car mileage."

Posted 2 years ago
Technical Lead Salaries (4)
Posted 2 months ago in Baytown, TX

"No I don't feel I am under paid."

Posted 6 years ago