Rite Aid
3.7 (129)
Industry: Health and Personal Care Stores - HQ: Harrisburg, PA

Rite Aid Salaries

2.3 (based on 9 salary ratings)

Rite Aid employees earn $14 per hour on average, or $30,000 annually, which is 60% lower than the national salary average of $56,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at Rite Aid is a Pharmacy Manager at $113,000 annually while the lowest paying job at Rite Aid is a Front End Clerk at $16,000 annually.

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Rite Aid Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (5)
Posted last month in Burlington, VT

"I feel the pay I make is simply unlivable for anyone and the minimum wage needs to be raised. Compared to how much work I put in vs how much I get paid: I go in, I do my job, I go home. Do I feel I deserve more pay for the job I do? Yes. Is the pay what I agreed upon when I took the job? Yes."

Posted 4 months ago in Hopewell, VA

"Under payed. I made 13 an hour being an installation technician (wire pulling grunt) for ADT, and that was the LOWEST they payed... now I'm the stand in manager when the store manager is absent and I make 11 an hour"

Shift Supervisor Salaries (118)
Posted 9 months ago in Clairton, PA

"Underpaid, and the only reason I am making what I am making is because I started out with Eckerd Drug and then Rite Aid bought out Eckerd Drug."

Posted 2 years ago in Waterford, MI
Manager Salaries (65)
Posted 8 months ago in Baltimore, MD

"As far as retail is concerned, my pay for the position was decent. However, the compensation I was receiving for travel to the stores throughout the district was abysmal."

Posted 2 years ago

Rite Aid Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 9 Rite Aid Salary Review Ratings)
Associate Salaries (13)
Posted 5 months ago in Flushing, NY

"Very underpaid! Very demanding work with no appreciation. The only reason to stay is the 1199 union."

Posted 2 years ago
Technical Support Representative Salaries (2)
Posted this month in Mechanicsburg, PA

"For the work that I am performing, I feel that the salary given to me is sufficient."

Posted 6 years ago

Average Rite Aid Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $38000
2010 $48000
2011 $43000
2012 $48000
2013 $30000
Pharmacy Technician Salaries (340)
Posted last year in Lansing, MI
Store Manager Salaries (274)
Posted last year in Frankfort, KY
Posted last year in New York City, NY
Assistant Manager Salaries (217)
Posted 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago in Lancaster, CA
Cashier Salaries (148)
Posted last year in Port Washington, NY
Assistant Store Manager Salaries (129)
Posted last year in Los Angeles, CA
Posted 2 years ago