3.6 (100)
Industry: Printing and Publishing - HQ: West Caldwell, NJ

Ricoh Salaries

3.1 (based on 16 salary ratings)

Ricoh employees earn $25 per hour on average, or $51,000 annually, which is 9% lower than the national salary average of $56,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at Ricoh is a Director at $147,800 annually while the lowest paying job at Ricoh is a Receptionist at $23,000 annually.

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Ricoh Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (8)
Posted last month in West Caldwell, NJ

"I think 69 is low for a Business Analyst. That career tops out nearer the 140 mark. I think I am being compensated fairly for my current role/responsibilities."

Posted 2 months ago in Boston, MA

"Ricoh sucks when it comes to pay their employees. They have base pay starting at $29,000/year. And, you have to earn business by selling software solutions (price is double compared to competitors) which in short is very hard to sell."

Senior Account Executive Salaries (46)
Posted 8 months ago in Atlanta, GA

"I was underpaid for my senior experience. The base pay and commission was very low."

Posted 2 years ago
District Sales Manager Salaries (3)
Posted 9 months ago in Los Angeles, CA

"I'm ready to make more money, too much work for little pay."

Posted 6 years ago

Ricoh Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 16 Ricoh Salary Review Ratings)
Technician Salaries (2)
Posted 9 months ago in High Point, NC

"I feel that I was being compensated very well. I do not know if I was being overpaid or underpaid because I do not know what other technicians with other companies make."

Posted 6 years ago
Engineer Salaries (2)
Posted 6 months ago in Tustin, CA

"I think it is average, I work too many years with a lot of experience but no salary increase or promotion."

Posted 6 years ago

Average Ricoh Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $60000
2010 $64000
2011 $62000
2012 $77000
2013 $69000
Webmaster Salaries (2)
Posted 7 months ago in Tustin, CA

"Since I did everything for the Socal domain by myself I feel that maybe I was underpaid because I had to do the work of about 3 people. I was a one-man-show for that domain and was pulled in all sorts of directions (some not even job related). Individually other coworkers on different domains made less than I did, collectively they made over twice as much. Plus sense they only had to focus on their portion they had much less stress. I was a bit jealous and wished I worked on a team like that."

Posted 5 years ago in Willow Grove, PA
Senior Federal Account Manager Salaries (1)
Posted 9 months ago in Arlington, VA

"Yes, my base salary is far lower than the market standard."

Higher Education Sales Manager Salaries (1)
Posted 9 months ago in Richmond, VA

"It is hard to determine. I am decently compensated within my company. I believe my skills and experience will pay me higher on the open market. And I am answering the next question in advance. You need a maybe. I will not just take more money if it is offered. It has to be a good fit for me and the company. Basically for me to leave has to be a really good reason"

Account Executive Salaries (185)
Posted 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago in Los Angeles, CA
Major Account Executive Salaries (35)
Posted 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago