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Wireline Operator
$33kAverage Wireline Operator Salary in the United States
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Wireline Operator Salaries

Wireline Operators earn $16 per hour on average, or $33,000 annually, which is 52% less than the national average for all working Americans. Our data indicates that the best paid Wireline Operators work for Schlumberger at $52,000 annually while the lowest paid Wireline Operators work for Halliburton earning approximately $35,500 each year.

Wireline Operator (13 salaries)
Highest Paid Wireline Operators are at Schlumberger (3 salaries)
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13 Wireline Operator Salaries and Reviews


Average Wireline Operator Employee Salaries in the Past 3 Years

Year Salary
2009 $41000
2010 $51000
2011 $61000
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