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$30kAverage Machine Operator Salary in the United States
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Machine Operator Salaries

2.9 (Based on 46 salary ratings)

Machine Operators earn $14 per hour on average, or $30,000 annually, which is 60% less than the national average for all working Americans. Our data indicates that the best paid Machine Operators work for Newmont Mining at $61,000 annually while the lowest paid Machine Operators work for Key Safety Systems earning approximately $18,000 each year.

Machine Operator (4,261 salaries)
Happiest Machine Operators are at Select Staffing (5 salaries)
Highest Paid Machine Operators are at Newmont Mining (6 salaries)
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4,261 Machine Operator Salaries and Reviews

Machine Operator at Chase Corporation
Posted last month in Oxford, MA

"We were a Union, Steel workers union so the pay was accordingly. Each year we got a raise as agreed upon by the company and the union members and it was mutual. The pay was great. Some would argue that we got overpaid but I do not concur. It was based on contractual agreement by the company and its union workers."

Machine Operator at Ecolab
Posted 6 months ago in Greensboro, NC

"I have always been underpaid for the work I did. I however still came in and did my job, worked hard and gave 110%. I know for a fact that others were paid over $2 more an hour than me and they never did the work I did. Not tooting my own horn but I do work hard and my co-workers always complemented on my work."

Machine Operator at Weaver Popcorn
Posted 4 months ago in Van Buren, IN

"I feel like my compensation is a little small compared to the job requirements. I have to learn how to do more than one position plus master the program used to make transactions and inventory changes. No other position requires as much but pays more."

Machine Operator Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 46 Ratings)
Machine Operator at Technimark
Posted 9 months ago in Asheboro, NC

"I think all the operators are underpaid. It's one of the most demanding positions because of the 12 hour shifts. Also there is a lot of repetitious action and some of their equipment has bottlenecking problems making it difficult to keep up at times."

Machine Operator at ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Posted 6 months ago in Danville, IL

"I believe I was being underpaid, I was in my field longer than my father yet at the company he works for, he was making $5.00/hour more than me. Comparable jobs in the market paid about 25% more than what I was making."

Average Machine Operator Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $29000
2010 $33000
2011 $32000
2012 $33000
2013 $33000
Machine Operator at Leprino Foods
Posted 6 months ago in Lemoore, CA

"I felt that I was paid well for the work that I did. There are certainly other jobs that pay less, but all in all I felt that the pay was right where it should be for the amount of time that I worked there."

Machine Operator at Exigo Manufacturing
Posted last month in Nazareth, PA

"I was being under paid because I was an intern and only worked the summer and other breaks during school. I performed the same operations as the full time employees that were making more money."

Machine Operator at Port City Group
Posted 7 months ago in Muskegon, MI

"Underpaid. I am aften asked to train employees or pick up their slack which I do without hesitation. But when it is a regular occurance I believe I should be compensated for it."

Machine Operator at Brunswick
Posted this month in Fond du Lac, WI

"The pay wasn't bad but the problem was that I was on a wage freeze for the next 3 years and there were people who made almost double what I did doing entry level jobs."

Machine Operator at Butler-MacDonald
Posted 8 months ago in Indianapolis, IN

"I was very underpaid in my last job. I had to run two machines at the same time, the off shift had two operator they still could not keep up with my production."

Machine Operator at Cooper Tire and Rubber
Posted 7 months ago in Tupelo, MS

"The pay was fair along with the bonus so it's very fair. The more I work the more I get paid and the more I produce the more I get paid."

Machine Operator at BorgWarner
Posted 3 months ago in Seneca, SC

"I felt that I was being paid enough for a college student needing money, but as far as a career.... no. I felt I was being underpaid."

Machine Operator at TRC Staffing
Posted 8 months ago in Kennesaw, GA

"As a temporary worker starting with a large manufacturing company, my wage would be increased at the point of full-time hire."

Machine Operator at Alliance Packaging
Posted 3 months ago in Oak, NE

"Pay should be decided on capability. I believe in hard work and fulfilling all my dreams that I have dreamed so far."

Machine Operator at Marquez Bros.
Posted 6 months ago in Hanford, CA

"This a little low payment for this position, but now taking into account that the minimum wage is increasing."

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