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$53kAverage IT Specialist Salary in the United States
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IT Specialist Salaries

2.8 (Based on 111 salary ratings)

IT Specialists earn $25 per hour on average, or $53,000 annually, which is 6% less than the national average for all working Americans. Our data indicates that the best paid IT Specialists work for Tivoli Software at $100,300 annually while the lowest paid IT Specialists work for DeVry University earning approximately $25,800 each year.

IT Specialist (2,703 salaries)
Happiest IT Specialists are at United States Census Bureau (26 salaries)
Highest Paid IT Specialists are at Tivoli Software (3 salaries)
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2,703 IT Specialist Salaries and Reviews

IT Specialist at Covina Imaging
Posted 9 months ago in Covina, CA

"A job may be rewarding but ultimately I need to provide for my family. One thing I'm not good at is testing. So I don't have the degrees and certifications others have. This has indeed cost me in most of my career ventures. Unfortunately this is how many companies decide at what level a salary is given. it's unfortunate because I have seen that many of those who test well, receive higher salaries, yet do not necessarily posses the skills in the real world. But of course we've heard that before."

IT Specialist at DeVry University
Posted 8 months ago in Long Beach, CA

"It is a little hard to answer this question because business has its good and slow days. When I started working for DeVry, I didn't worry much about the pay because I was making more than enough at that time for the few bills I had and was still learning the daily basis in IT. After a while, I was recognized for how well I was doing my job and being complimented by many customers and felt that I could move up to be a Supervisor. A raise or more hours didn't happen either."

IT Specialist at Catalyst Lending
Posted 5 months ago in Greenwood Village, CO

"Considering other professionals in the industry are getting 60,000 and they don't have the other skills and obligations such as CRM and marketing, and website management to tackle in addition to their position, I do feel, as well as my boss recognizes, that the pay for my work does not match its quality, amounts, or type."

IT Specialist Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 111 Ratings)
IT Specialist at United States Department of Agriculture
Posted 8 months ago in Corvallis, OR

"I was being underpaid because I was the sole IT specialist for the location and did everything from end user support to network engineering and even some electronics design work. In addition I wrote software and maintained active directory and Linux servers, wireless bridges and 5 sites in 3 states."

IT Specialist at Convergys
Posted 5 months ago in Tucson, AZ

"Totally underpaid, I live in Tucson and they pay Mexico-level wages. They are outside the city limits to not pay city tax, I have to pay city tax and they make 30000x as much as I do. They are one of the largest companies in the USA and they treat you like a third world countryman."

Average IT Specialist Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $55000
2010 $59000
2011 $59000
2012 $59000
2013 $64000
IT Specialist at Telluride School District
Posted 4 months ago in Telluride, CO

"The pay is right around average. Unfortunately cost of living in Telluride is very high, and as a result the pay is less satisfactory than other areas. But I do get full health benefits and a retirement account with employer matching, so it pretty reasonable."

IT Specialist at W.W. Norton
Posted 5 months ago in New York City, NY

"My experience with wwNorton was in the capacity of an Intern. Hence, it was very low based on the fact that I was not a permanent employee. I am confident that had they been able to offer me a permanent position of the time, it would have been a fair salary."

IT Specialist at United States Army
Posted 8 months ago in El Paso, TX

"I feel that I was underpaid. most IT specialists make far more than I do for the same thing. I was not being paid for what I was doing I was being paid for being a soldier. I am proud of that but ready to move on to better support my family"

IT Specialist at United States Air Force
Posted 8 months ago in San Antonio, TX

"I believe that I've been paid a fair amount, but over the years I've grown increasingly more as a professional. I've accumulated more knowledge and experience and I believe a new position will be more challenging as well as rewarding."

IT Specialist at Sonepar
Posted 7 months ago in Hamilton Square, NJ

"I think we all work hard for the salary we deserve, when I first started working in IT I was making 29k a year and I have worked my way up the ranks with my skills and work ethics to get to where I am today."

IT Specialist at United States Government
Posted 9 months ago in Jacksonville, NC

"The job title that the government used in my most recent JD did not reflect that I was a member of management. I feel that I was receiving pay that was commiserate with my peers."

IT Specialist at Geek Squad
Posted 8 months ago in Mattydale, NY

"I felt like I was being underpaid. I made more than sales associates but the required background required is much more extensive than that of an average retail sales associate."

IT Specialist at Member First Mortgage
Posted 6 months ago in Grand Rapids, MI

"Considering the consistantly added job responsibilities over time without raises of any IT position, most entry/mid level IT employees are underpayed."

IT Specialist at United States Army
Posted 7 months ago in Orangeburg, NY

"I live well right now. I may not have the riches but I don't think you can miss something you never had. So no I didn't think I was underpaid."

IT Specialist at IBM
Posted 8 months ago in Houston, TX

"I am a little underpaid, relative to my knowledge/workload. However, I am only a few years removed from college, so I expect this to improve."

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