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Extrusion Operator
$32KAverage Extrusion Operator Salary in the United States
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Extrusion Operator

3.0 (Based on 1 salary ratings)
Extrusion Operator (122)
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  • Operator at Veolia Environmental Services- Industrial Services, Pennsylvania, PA - Posted Today
  • TS Heavy Eqp Operator at Republic Services, Middlesex, NJ - Posted Today
  • PRINTING at CAPITAL PRINTING, Middlesex, NJ - Posted 25 days ago

122 Extrusion Operator Salaries and Reviews

Extrusion Operator at NIBCO
Posted 5 months ago in Lebanon, OH

"Overworked, not underpaid. My pay was ok, but not the job requirements."

Extrusion Operator at LNP Engineering Plastics
Posted last year in Thorndale, PA

Extrusion Operator Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 1 Rating)
Extrusion Operator at Celerity IT
Posted 2 years ago in Windsor, WI

Average Extrusion Operator Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $34000
2010 $40000
2011 $35000
2012 $53000
2013 $31000
Extrusion Operator at CommScope
Posted 2 years ago in Scottsboro, AL
Extrusion Operator at Oracle
Posted 5 years ago
Extrusion Operator at Oracle
Posted 6 years ago
Extrusion Operator at Tyco
Posted 5 years ago
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