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$40kAverage Claims Representative Salary in the United States
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Claims Representative Salaries

2.6 (Based on 5 salary ratings)

Claims Representatives earn $19 per hour on average, or $40,000 annually, which is 33% less than the national average for all working Americans. Our data indicates that the best paid Claims Representatives work for Worley Catastrophe Response at $67,500 annually while the lowest paid Claims Representatives work for Safelite Group earning approximately $22,000 each year.

Claims Representative (921 salaries)
Happiest Claims Representatives are at GEICO (12 salaries)
Highest Paid Claims Representatives are at Worley Catastrophe Response (4 salaries)
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921 Claims Representative Salaries and Reviews

Claims Representative at OrthoNet
Posted 6 months ago in White Plains, NY

"Underpaid for the amount of work they expect and the stress level, but about regular for claims. You don't get vacation days, sick days, etc. You only get 5 call out days for the calendar year. Other than that, you accrue PTO (Paid Time Off). You live and die by the PTO. You get good insurance benefits with high copays."

Claims Representative at Network Health
Posted 2 months ago in Medford, MA

"My salary is appropriate for the work I am currently doing."

Claims Representative at State Farm Insurance
Posted last year in Bloomington, IL

Claims Representative Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 5 Ratings)
Claims Representative at Dell
Posted 2 years ago in Lincoln, NE
Claims Representative at Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Posted last year in Irving, TX

Average Claims Representative Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $39000
2010 $44000
2011 $43000
2012 $38000
2013 $42000
Claims Representative at Allstate
Posted 5 years ago in Brookfield, WI
Claims Representative at Blue Cross Blue Shield
Posted 2 years ago in Greenville, SC
Claims Representative at Nationwide Insurance
Posted last year in Des Moines, IA
Claims Representative at Delta Dental
Posted 2 years ago in Alpharetta, GA
Claims Representative at Progressive
Posted 2 years ago in Alpharetta, GA
Claims Representative at Travelers
Posted 5 years ago in Houston, TX
Claims Representative at Access General Insurance
Posted 2 years ago in Orange, CA
Claims Representative at Gallagher Bassett Services
Posted 4 years ago in Hazelwood, MO
Claims Representative at The Outsource Group
Posted this month in Wakefield, MA
Claims Representative at Fiesta Mart
Posted last year in Houston, TX
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