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$40kAverage Agent Salary in the United States
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2.2 (Based on 15 salary ratings)

Agents earn $19 per hour on average, or $40,000 annually, which is 33% less than the national average for all working Americans. Our data indicates that the best paid Agents work for Realty Executives at $95,500 annually while the lowest paid Agents work for Sitel earning approximately $19,000 each year.

Agent (1,738 salaries)
Happiest Agents are at RE/MAX (16 salaries)
Highest Paid Agents are at Realty Executives (4 salaries)
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1,738 Agent Salaries and Reviews

Agent at New York Life Insurance
Posted this month in White Plains, NY

"The pay I receive is completely based on number of leads acquired on my own, but that is not the whole story. Part of the reason I am leaving is the same reason I believe in the company: products and services there are for long-term and worth-while needs. The problem, the challenge/opportunity, is that these services (which I can show on a spreadsheet) aren't tangible today. This is not software for a company's needs, nor it is advertising, solar paneling, or merchant services."

Agent at New York Life Insurance
Posted 7 months ago in Austin, TX

"Fresh out of college and jumping into the insurance world was a bit tough but was a great eye opener. I met great people and learned a lot for the amount of time I have worked there."

Agent at Geek Squad
Posted 2 months ago in Janesville, WI

"Severely underpaid. I have always sold the most and received the most compliments. I also have 2 degrees"

Agent Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 15 Ratings)
Agent at Tucson Realty and Trust Company
Posted 7 months ago in Tucson, AZ

"Good salary for me. I get effort with a salary package like this, it's enough salary."

Agent at Fused Solutions
Posted 8 months ago in Potsdam, NY

"Definitely underpaid, LOL. Management is paid VERY well but not agents."

Average Agent Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $42000
2010 $46000
2011 $49000
2012 $44000
2013 $31000
Agent at New York Life Insurance
Posted 8 months ago in Springfield, MO

"The pay was fair for the work that we were doing."

Agent at Convergys
Posted last month in Logan, UT

"I feel that I am underpaid for the requirements."

Agent at State Farm Insurance
Posted 2 years ago
Agent at State Farm Insurance
Posted 2 years ago in Gardena, CA
Agent at US Cellular
Posted 2 years ago in Joplin, MO
Agent at Affiliated Computer Services
Posted this month in Tualatin, OR
Agent at Procter & Gamble
Posted last year in Newcastle, WA
Agent at Primerica
Posted 3 years ago in Florida City, FL
Agent at CitiMortgage
Posted 5 years ago in Kenner, LA
Agent at Time Warner Cable
Posted 5 years ago in El Paso, TX
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