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20 Resume Power Words -- INFOGRAPHIC

Posted August 19, 2013

A strong resume incorporates meaningful, powerful words. Pick and choose carefully. To help you create the best resume possible, we created an infographic of 20 resume power words. Bookmark this or pin it on your job search Pinterest board! These words are powerful, so use them sparingly.

Meaningless, redundant words are actually a top resume mistake, according to Dana Case, director of operations at MyCorporations.com. "I often see phrases like 'hard-working' and 'goal-oriented' in the special skills portion of a resume. These phrases are redundant. If you are applying for a job, I am assuming that you are hard-working and that you have goals, no need to put them on your resume," Case says.

Ditch redundant phrases. Instead, select a few that are truly relevant to your skill (but don't stuff your resume with all 20 words!).  Back each of the few power words you use with a significant achievement and you'll have it made! To help, we created this handy infographic just for you!


20 Resume Power Words

by CareerBliss
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Ritika Trikha

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