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Franciscan Alliance
2.8 (4)
Industry: Hospitals and Health Centers - HQ: Mishawaka, IN

Franciscan Alliance Reviews

Average Rating
(based on 4 Franciscan Alliance Review Ratings)
Company Culture 2.0
Growth Opportunities 2.4
People You Work With 3.8
Person You Work For 3.2
Rewards You Receive 2.8
Support You Get 2.3
Way You Work 3.2
Work Setting 3.1

4 Franciscan Alliance Company Reviews and Ratings

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Anonymous Employee
Posted 4 months ago in Beech Grove, IN

"I have a great relationship with many of my coworkers and my supervisor. Unfortunately, decisions made at a corporate level, as well as outdated and restrictive policies, make it difficult to remain innovative and optimistic as an employee. Pay is low compared to the average, and job security is in question."

Company Culture 2 Work Setting 2 People You Work With 5
Support You Get 2 Rewards You Receive 2 Growth Opportunities 3
Way You Work 2 Person You Work For 5

Company Rating Comparison

Franciscan Alliance (4)

4.6 Highest Rated in this Industry is Magellan Health Services (18)
2.1 Lowest Rated in this Industry is Cedar Hills Hospital (5)
3.5 Average of All Companies in this Industry (2,236)
Application Coordinator
Posted 2 years ago in Indianapolis, IN

What do you like about working at Franciscan Alliance?

"The location is close to my home, so this is convenient"

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

"You may enjoy the company. No tips to give because my experiences won't be anothers."

What don't you like about working at Franciscan Alliance?

"The company is not very racially diverse and you may experience negativity"

What suggestions do you have for management?

"More open and progressive attitudes would be welcome to help the company"

Rewards You Receive 3 People You Work With 3 Company Culture 2
Way You Work 3 Work Setting 3 Growth Opportunities 2
Support You Get 3 Person You Work For 2

Average Franciscan Alliance Ratings in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2011 $4
2012 $2
2013 $2
Posted 2 years ago in Crown Point, IN
Growth Opportunities 1.6 Way You Work 2.7 Rewards You Receive 2.5
Support You Get 1.2 Company Culture 1.5 People You Work With 2.5
Person You Work For 1 Work Setting 2.5
PACS Administrator
Posted 2 years ago
Support You Get 3.2 Person You Work For 4.7 Growth Opportunities 2.9
Rewards You Receive 3.6 Way You Work 4.9 Company Culture 2.6
People You Work With 4.8 Work Setting 4.9
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