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Ford Motor
4.0 (559)
Industry: Credit Intermediation Activities - HQ: Dearborn, MI

Ford Motor Employee Salaries

3.2 (based on 20 salary ratings)
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Ford Motor Employees Average (6,662)
Industry Average (106,322)
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Ford Motor Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (12)
Posted a day ago in Dearborn, MI

"I feel I work for the money yet I am satisfied with my compensation."

Posted this week in Huntsville, AL

"Yes very underpaid for what I do. I sell at minimum 150 a year plus I'm the top rated salesmen and have 100% CSI."

Equipment Services Project Manager Salaries (37)
Posted 3 months ago in Texas City, TX

"I am being underpaid, given the role that I'm in right now."

Posted last year in Cleveland, OH
Team Leader Salaries (36)
Posted 4 months ago in Dearborn, MI

"I believe that I was being paid in accordance with the job that I held."

Ford Motor Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 20 Ford Motor Salary Review Ratings)
Intern Salaries (13)
Posted 6 months ago in Dearborn, MI

"I think it's a little bit underpaid for a master like me."

Web Developer Salaries (7)
Posted 4 months ago in Mexico, MO

"Salary in Mexico is so much lower than in other countries, but at least where I work I get a good salary."

Posted 2 years ago

Average Ford Motor Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $60000
2010 $63000
2011 $64000
2012 $66000
2013 $73000
Project Lead Salaries (5)
Posted 2 months ago in Detroit, MI

"No, I don't feel bad, however there are good prospects in market to which you can switch for."

Posted 4 years ago
Analyst Salaries (6)
Posted 6 months ago in Dearborn, MI

"Nah... just about right but would not turn down a better offer."

Posted this month in Dearborn, MI
Lead Systems Engineer Salaries (1)
Posted 4 months ago in Dearborn, MI

"Underpaid. Though a base salary of $100,000 looks good the hours we are expected to work reduces it considerably on an hourly basis."

Sales Consultant Salaries (251)
Posted 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago
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