3.9 (170)
Industry: Truck Transportation - HQ: Memphis, TN

Fedex Salaries

3.2 (based on 21 salary ratings)

Fedex employees earn $19 per hour on average, or $40,000 annually, which is 33% lower than the national salary average of $56,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at Fedex is a Senior Project Manager at $140,500 annually while the lowest paying job at Fedex is a Parcel Assistant at $20,000 annually.

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Fedex Employee Salary Reviews

Anonymous Employee Salaries (13)
Posted 2 months ago in Oklahoma City, OK

"Underpaid for the extra work."

Posted 2 months ago in Collierville, TN

"Underpaid. I don't have a master's degree... and most architects at this level do."

Package Handler Salaries (340)
Posted 3 months ago in Long Island City, NY

"I think I'm being underpaid if the annual salary for package handler is above $24,000. If this is true, then I think I'm at the wrong company."

Posted last year
Senior Business Analyst Salaries (4)
Posted 9 months ago in Memphis, TN

"I was underpaid according to most other company standards."

Posted 5 years ago

Fedex Employees Average Salary Ratings

Average Rating
(based on 21 Fedex Salary Review Ratings)
Technical Quality Specialist Salaries (2)
Posted 10 months ago in Coraopolis, PA

"Underpaid. We are expected to be on call all the time but don't receive any extra compensation."

Posted this month
Software Architect Salaries (1)
Posted 2 months ago in Memphis, TN

"I am somewhat underpaid for the amount of experience I have and the capabilities I have to offer a company."

Average Fedex Employee Salaries in the Past 5 Years

Year Salary
2009 $49000
2010 $52000
2011 $59000
2012 $55000
2013 $59000
Programming Intern Salaries (1)
Posted 9 months ago in Pittsburgh, PA

"Overpaid but not totally sure."

Senior Information Security Analyst Salaries (1)
Posted 7 months ago in Collierville, TN

"The pay at FedEx is decent but it should be much higher. I believe that the location of the company has a lot to do with my compensation. Unfortunately I do not think that it is comparable to other Sr. Information Security Analysts in other locations and with my years in service, experience, education, certifications and skillsets."

Airport Operations Manager Salaries (1)
Posted 3 months ago in Los Angeles, CA

"Pay always depends on the scope of the job and accepted responsibilities. Pay should equal the level of responsibility and commitment requirements set."

Lead Advisor Salaries (1)
Posted 7 months ago in Dallas, TX

"The pay is decent for my position."

Parcel Sorting Assistant Salaries (1)
Posted 8 months ago in Olathe, KS

"I was paid average compared to my co-workers."

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