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10 Most In-Demand Tech Workers in Seattle

Posted March 20, 2013

Technology jobs are on the rise in Seattle. From small start-ups to tech giants like Amazon and Facebook, a ton of great companies are hiring smart, savvy tech folks!

A recent Forbes and Praxis Strategy Group study ranked Seattle as the city with the top “long-term, broad-based prospects for tech growth.” The study measures employment growth in the sectors most identified with the high-tech economy (including software, data processing and Internet publishing), as well as growth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related (STEM) jobs across all sectors.

If you’re a professional in the technology field, Seattle is a great place to be! We took a look at thousands of job openings that recruiters at our partner company, CyberCoders, represented last year to see what tech skills are most in demand in Seattle.

Most In-Demand Tech Workers in Seattle

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