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Resume Tip Tuesday: How to Find Experience When You Have None

Posted July 02, 2013

Welcome to Resume Tip Tuesday! Come to CareerBliss every Tuesday for a brand new resume tip to help you in your job search!

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Whether you’re a new grad or relaunching your career, it’s okay if you don’t have a mile-long list of work experience. For you, the goal is to show employers that you have a ton of potential.

Use your unique experience, soft skills and transferable skills as a way to show employers just how much potential you have!

Remember: To create a winning resume, your most awesome, impressive attributes should go first (experience with prestigious companies, GPA, notable internships, etc.). However, if you feel like your “experience” is a little too thin, here’s how to beef it up:

New Grads: Include Summer Jobs

Feel free to list any side gigs you did as a means for some extra cash. Whether it’s waiting tables or being a lifeguard during the summer, employers will look favorably upon these. Extracurricular activities are a great way to beef up your resume too.

“While they may not seem like career-forward positions, these types of after-school gigs demonstrate a lot about a candidate,” according to Joel Gross of Coalition Technologies.

For instance, he says, it shows:

  • You know how to work hard
  • You know how to face clients
  • You know how to multitask
  • You aren't over-privileged

Career Transitioners: Include Volunteer Work, Internships & Transferrable Skills

If you’re lacking experience in your chosen field because you’ve decided to make a direction change, volunteer work is a great way to pad your resume! Also, make sure you list your previous work and zero in on the transferable skills that you have gained.

Explain in your cover letter why you’re changing directions and how your past has prepared you for your future.

Tune in next Tuesday for another awesome resume (and cover letter) tip! 

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