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Resume Tip Tuesday: Avoid a Passive Voice

Posted August 27, 2013

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Way too many folks use passive sentences in their resumes. An active voice is much more eye-catching and polished.

Here’s the difference:

Example of passive: Responsible for increasing sales by $2 million.

Example of active: Increased sales by $2 million.

It might not seem like a huge difference, but when you’ve got just a few seconds of a hiring manager’s time, the second one is significantly more appealing.

And we managed to use one of the 20 Resume Power Words! If you combine a power word with an active voice, you’ve got yourself a super, striking bullet point!

Remember, your resume should not contain pronouns “I or we.” If you used pronouns, you’d have to use them in every single line…making it ridiculously redundant. We know this whole document is about you so using “I” is unnecessary.

Tune in next Tuesday for another awesome resume (or cover letter) tip!

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